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 Excellent Carpet Cleaning Service, 5 Stars!

May 25, 2012- by Kenneth Cole, Berkeley 

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Service, 5 Stars! Great attitude, very professional service. They did a wonderful job on my carpets today...... Read more reviews »



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Carpet Cleaning Services Offered in Berkeley:

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning
  2. Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  3. Oriental Rug Cleaning
  4. Upholstery Cleaning
  5. Stain Removal
  6. Color Replacement
  7. Air Duct Cleaning
  8. Pet Odor Removal
  9. Carpet Repair
  10. Water Damage

carpet cleaning berkeley

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back: "Our Process"

You do not have to use harsh and often toxic chemicals to clean your carpet. There is a natural way to do it and it even cleans better. With my bonnet cleaning process your carpet is dry in one to two hours and those stains stay gone with no soil attracting residue left behind. So clean your carpet the natural way for you, your family and for your carpet.
What’s included?

  • Vacuuming: We thoroughly vacuum your carpet. This is an important step skipped by most carpet cleaners. It is much easier to remove soil when it is dry before you apply a pre-spray and turn it into mud. You remove more soil when you pre-vacuum the carpet first.
  • Pre-treating: Some cleaners actually charge for this. We pre-treat all of your carpet with our all natural carpet cleaner. The cleaner has no dangerous solvents, petrochemical's and no soap or detergent.
  • Light furniture moving: We move most furniture like chairs and end tables. We also move couches in living rooms and dens. We do not move electronics, dressers, beds, sectionals, etc.
  • Brushing and Cleaning: Using a powerful buffer, we remove the dirt and most of the moisture from you carpet allowing the carpet to dry quickly leaving it fresh.
  • Inspecting and Spot cleaning: We do a final walk through of your home and make sure that we have not missed any spots.
  • Final raking: This is the last step making your carpet look like new again.

Your satisfaction is our goal, because we want you as our long time customer.

Berkeley Carpet Cleaning Advantages

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Regardless of Berkeley's sea air climate, it is important to maintain good carpet care to ensure that it does not get dirty or worn out. Thankfully, Berkeley carpet cleaning exists and does a fine job of helping local residents keep proper care. Our primary goal is to help educate and create awareness with regards to keeping your carpets clean without losing longevity.

There are many who start their own carpet cleaning business, but few of them provide excellent service with the proper training necessary to remain relevant. It is important to navigate through these people to find the best companies that provide advanced services such as the companies who offer different types of cleaning techniques to their customers. This is the type of diversity that hotels and businesses use in order to maximize the cleanliness of their rooms and lobbies.

Why Use A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Berkeley is by far one of the best markets for carpet cleaning. Its diverse population has grown nearly 10% in the last 10 years to 112,580. This Growing market has provided one great thing to consumers, low prices. Cheap carpet cleaning is something that each and every person can benefit from as it provides all of the benefits of a professional cleaning service without any of the problems that go along with it. This means that each and every person can afford to create a brilliant environment in their home where guests will wow at the cleanliness and beauty of their carpets. Carpet cleaning in Berkeley is affordable and effective on any person's budget and will even save them money from having to buy a new rug.

Regardless of the price, this area has the best carpet cleaning professionals in the Bay area. The green carpet cleaning solutions provided in and around this local community has been an excellent way for someone who is eco-conscious to get rid of all of the stains and dirt deep down in the fibers of the carpet. This service goes hand in hand with organic carpet cleaning, a service that does not use any chemicals when cleaning the carpet. This is great for any household with children or pets as you can be sure that they will not be harmed from playing on the rug since there are no chemicals.